Invitation to subscribe for units in Saniona AB

Background and reasons

Saniona is an epilepsy focused clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of medicines modulating ion channels. Saniona’s internal epilepsy pipeline includes the candidate SAN711 positioned for clinical Phase 2 studies for treatment of absence seizures (a form of epileptic seizures), the preclinical development compound SAN2219 for acute repetitive seizures and the preclinical development compound SAN2355 for treatment of refractory focal onset seizures.

Outside epilepsy Saniona has four clinical programs, which are positioned for partnering. The most advanced candidate, tesofensine, has progressed towards regulatory approval for obesity by Saniona’s partner Medix. Tesomet is ready for Phase 2b studies for rare eating disorders, SAN903 is ready for Phase 1 studies for inflammatory bowel disease, and SAN2465 is ready for preclinical development for major depressive disorder. Saniona has research and development partnerships with Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Medix, S.A de S.V, AstronauTx Limited and Cephagenix ApS.

Saniona’s most advanced patented ion channel modulator is SAN711, which is being developed for treatment of absence seizures. In July 2022, the Company reported positive results from a Phase 1 clinical study of SAN711 in healthy volunteers. In order to secure the development of SAN711 towards proof-of-concept (studies conducted with the aim of demonstrating clinical relevance), Saniona has decided to carry out the Rights Issue.

The rights issue in summary

Preferential rights
Each existing share in Saniona entitles to eight (8) unit rights and fifteen (15) unit rights entitle to subscription of one (1) unit consisting of two (2) shares and one (1) warrant series TO 4.

Subscription price
SEK 4.12 per unit.

Record date for participation in the Rights Issue
18 January 2024.

Subscription period
22 January – 5 February 2024.

Trading in unit rights
22 January – 31 January 2024.

Trading in BTU
22 January 2024 – until the Rights Issue has been registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Subscription and payment with preferential rights
Subscription with unit rights will take place during the subscription period through simultaneous cash payment.

Subscription and payment without preferential rights
Subscription without preferential rights shall be made to Vator Securities no later than 5 February 2024 on a separate application form which can be obtained from Saniona’s website,, and from Payment for allotted units shall be made in cash in accordance with the instructions on the notice of allotment. Custody account holders shall instead apply with, and according to instructions from, the custodian.

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