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Our philosophy on investor relations is to present accurate, transparent information to the investing community, which enables each investor to make appropriate decisions for themself. Our mandate is not to attempt to manage the short-term share price; it is to advance our rare disease pipeline and build and grow the company to reach its full potential over the long term. Drug development is not a short-term endeavor and progress is not always reflected in the stock price in the short term. We believe if we remain focused and execute on our longterm objectives, this will deliver value to patients and shareholders in the future.

Our strategy is to discover, develop and commercialize innovative treatments for patients suffering from epilepsy around the world. We intend to achieve this by developing our ion channel modulators, SAN711, SAN903 and Kv7 program as potential new treatments for severe epilepsy conditions.

Saniona’s corporate strategy is to develop new medicines for epilepsy. There is a tremendous unmet need within epilepsy, characterized by recurrent seizures, currently affecting more than 50 million people worldwide and approximately 30 percent of patients are insensitive to treatment by conventional epilepsy medicines.

Saniona’s shares are listed at Nasdaq Stockholm, small cap, under the ticker SANION.

Saniona focuses on developing medicines for epilepsy. Developing drugs requires large investments of capital. Saniona thus does not plan to pay any dividends for the foreseeable future. 9. Who are the largest shareholders in Saniona? Consistent with all Swedish listed companies, we disclose Saniona’s ownership structure (top 10 owners) on our website. Market practice for Swedish companies is that the information is updated quarterly, but we have recently chosen to update the list monthly to maintain a higher level of transparency. You can find more about Saniona’s ownership structure in the Investors section of our web site, on the page titles “Ownership Structure.”

You can find more information about Saniona’s current analyst coverage on the Investor section of the website, on the page titled “Analyst Coverage.”

You can download a pdf of Saniona’s interim and annual reports from the Investors Section of Saniona’s web site, on the page titled “Financial Reports.”

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