Vision, Mission, Values

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Our Vision

Improve the lives of patients around the world through scientific innovation.

Our Mission

We leverage our ion channel targeting expertise to discover, develop and deliver innovative therapies in collaboration with partners.

Our Core Values

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Put People First

Treat all people with kindness, respect and equity. Enable everyone to feel a sense of belonging and live their best life.

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Innovation with Impact

Push boundaries with courage. Never give up. And, in the end, deliver excellence.

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 Integrity, Always

Maintain the highest ethical standards in all that we do as we deliver with urgency for patients in need.

What do our core values look like in action?

Patients as Partners

Our passion for helping patients is in our DNA. That is why one of the key pillars of Saniona is our Patient Advocacy team, whose goal is to ensure patient and family voices help shape us from the start. To improve the lives of rare disease patients around the world through scientific innovation, we listen to, learn from and partner with patients, caregivers and patient advocacy organizations in a way that is aligned with our core values.

Commitment to Diversity

Embracing our differences fosters diversity of thought and creativity, which are essential to achieving our vision of improving the lives of rare disease patients around the world. And it’s just the right thing to do.