Board of

Chairman, 2022

Jørgen Drejer is a neurobiologist with more than 30 years of experience in discovering and developing novel approaches to modulate pathways within the brain. His research has led him to found multiple companies and publish more than 75 scientific articles.

Drejer founded Saniona in 2011 and served as founding Chief Executive Officer until January 2020, when he assumed the role of Chief Scientific Officer. Prior to founding Saniona, he co-founded NeuroSearch A/S in 1989, holding various leadership roles including deputy CEO and head of research over a 20-year period in which NeuroSearch became a major European biotechnology company. Drejer holds a PhD in neurobiology from the University of Copenhagen.

Drejer currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Saniona and 2CureX. He has served on the Saniona board since 2014 and served as a board member of Saniona A/S since 2012. He is also a Member of the Danish Academy of Engineering Science. He previously served as a member of the Board of Directors for NeuroSearch A/S, Origio A/S, NsGene A/S, Atonomics A/S, Azign Bioscience A/S, Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs ApS, Force Technology and Monta Biosciences A/S.

Drejer is not independent in relation to Saniona and its management but is independent in relation to major shareholders. He holds 2,564,711 shares; 100,000 T04 and 77,000 warrants in the warrant program 2020/2024.

Board member since 2018

Anna Ljung is CEO of Moberg Pharma AB, a  Swedish listed pharmaceutical company operating in the field off dermatology. In addition to serving as CEO of Moberg Pharma, she also currently serves as board member of ADDvise AB, a publicly-traded Swedish healthcare and research facilities company and chairman of Biosergen AB, a publicly-traded Swedish company.

Prior to becoming CEO of Moberg, Ljung served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer for 13 years, and prior to that she was CFO at Athera Biotechnologies AB and Controller for Lipopeptide AB. She also previously was an independent consultant within the field of technology licensing. Ljung received her M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics. Additional previous board positions have included MPJ OTC AB and Advantice Health AB.

Ljung is independent in relation to both Saniona and its management as well as major shareholders. She holds 9,565 shares; 2,468 T04; and 77,000 warrants in the warrant program 2020/2024.

Board member since 2015 (board member of Saniona A/S since 2016)

Carl Johan Sundberg is a physician and professor with extensive experience in healthcare entrepreneurship, investment and communication. He currently serves as dean of Karolinska Institutet Nord (KI Nord), and previously the Chair of the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management & Ethics at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. He also currently serves as a board member for Arne Ljungqvist Anti-doping Foundation AB and Medkay Konsulting AB.
Sundberg’s affiliation with Karolinska Institutet spans over 30 years and includes work in molecular and applied exercise physiology, medical innovation and bioentrepreneurship. He also cofounded and managed Karolinska Investment Fund, a EUR 60 million biomedicine venture capital fund. His communications experience includes previous working periods with Svenska Dagbladet (a large morning daily) and ABC Television, U.S. He serves in membership and advisory positions with the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, Swedish Professional Associations for Physical Activity, Research!Sweden and the International Olympic Committee Medical Commission. Sundberg earned his medical degree and Ph.D. from Karolinska Institutet. Previous board positions include Cobra Biologics Holding AB, Karolinska Development AB and NsGene A/S.

Sundberg is independent in relation to both Saniona and its management as well as major shareholders. He holds 146,886 shares; 48,543 TO4; and 77,000 warrants in the warrant program 2020/2024.

Board member since 2023

Pierandrea Muglia is a medical doctor clinically trained in child neurology and psychiatry with 20+ years of research and clinical development experience with roles of increasing leadership responsibilities in large- (GSK) and medium-size (UCB) pharma, and with management and entrepreneurial roles in biotech. All preceded by ten years of neuropharmacology, and psychiatric academic research.

Most recently Dr. Muglia served as VP and head of neurology early clinical development at UCB, CMO at Handl Therapeutics and President and Founder of GRIN Therapeutics, a clinical stage company, for which he raised the capital necessary to develop a small molecule for a genetically defined orphan epilepsy syndrome.

During his tenure as Academic Clinicians Dr. Muglia served Residence roles at the Child Psychiatry Services, in the Dept. of Public Health, San Francisco (1996). He was thereafter Post-doc MRC-Canada Fellow and then Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto (1998-2002).

Dr. Muglia has over 100 publications in the field of neuropsychopharmacology, drug development, and human genetics in high impact journals. He is actively involved in progressing the search for novel therapeutic solutions for developmental neuropsychiatric disorders also being part of scientific advisory board and committees of public initiatives and patient advocacy associations.

Other current positions: CEO of Ichnos srl.

Dr. Muglia is considered independent in relation to Saniona, its management and major shareholders. He holds 206,666 shares; and 53,333 T04.

Board member since 2024

John Haurum, M.D., D.Phil., has an extensive operational, commercial and financial experience from the biotech industry, both in terms of managing early to mid-stage R&D, corporate development, business development and investor relationships. He was the CEO of F-star in Cambridge, UK (2012-2018), where he built a successful biotech company, that progressed several products into clinical development, and completed four high value BD transactions with partners such as BMS, AbbVie, Merck and Denali. Previously he was VP Research at ImClone Systems, New York (2010-2012) and cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer of Symphogen A/S, Denmark (2000-2009). After graduating in Medicine in Aarhus Denmark 1992, John Haurum received a D.Phil. in Immunology from the Institute of Molecular Medicine, John Radcliffe Hospital, University of Oxford, England.

Currently, John Haurum is chairman of the board of five European biotech companies: ADCendo ApS (DK), Agomab Therapeutics N.V. (BE), CatalYm GmbH (DE), Solid Therapeutics ApS (DK) and Synklino A/S (DK). Other current positions: Board member of MC2 Therapeutics A/S (DK) and Neophore Ltd. (UK). CEO of ARK Invest ApS (DK). Member of the management team (Dk. Direktion) in JSH Biotech ApS (DK).

John Haurum is considered independent in relation to Saniona, its management and major shareholders.

John Haurum (partially through John Haurum controlled companies) and his wife hold a total of 1,140,087 shares and 395,765 warrants series TO 4 in Saniona.