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Robust ion channel drug discovery engine

Saniona is a leader in the discovery of highly specific ion channel modulators. Ion channel modulation is a validated approach to treating disease and has been used in medicines for diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy and more. Yet targeting ion channels is so difficult that an estimated 80% of them have yet to be accessed for drug development.

The Saniona research team has leveraged our expertise and our proprietary methods to design a robust ion channel drug discovery engine and generate a library now consisting of more than 20,000 proprietary molecules targeting various subtypes of ion channels.

Ion Channels

Ion channels are critical to many physiological functions including the activity of muscles and nerves

Our research has formed the basis of multiple successful spinouts and more than 20 pharmaceutical partnerships.

Our research has formed the basis of multiple successful spinouts and pharmaceutical partnerships. Ion channel research has the potential to address many diseases. While Saniona is strategically focused on rare diseases, sometimes we discover molecules that may be better suited to non-rare indications. In these cases, we may pursue a partnership or spinout may be in order.

What does it take to discover a drug?

Chemistry, biology and so much more! Learn more about the drug discovery process.