Analyst coverage

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Below are recent analyst reports.
Date Analyst Language Analyst Report
2020/12/21 Oppenheimer UK Unmet Needs Met with Tesomet; Initiate at Outperform
2020/12/16 Kapital Partner DK From the ugly duckling to the swan of 2021
2020/12/08 Aktiespararna SWE Analysis Saniona: "Great potential in the research company"
2020/12/03 Aktieinfo DK The focus is on Tesomet in Prader-Willi and hyothalamic obesity...
2020/11/30 Redeye UK Saniona Q3’20: Our Comment
2020/11/24 Redeye UK Saniona: Tesomet Potential Reinforced
2020/11/24 ABG Sundal Collier UK Open-label extension confirms efficacy in HO
2020/11/06 Redeye UK Short-term Setback, Long-term Opportunities
2020/10/16 Redeye UK Key Takeaways after Neurology Seminar CNS
2020/10/12 Redeye UK Comment on FDA Feedback
2020/09/25 Redeye UK Strengthen Financials Further
2020/09/21 Aktieinfo DK Two products are in Phase 2...
2020/09/03 Redeye UK It’s a New Case (But Currently in Two Minds)
2020/08/20 ABG Sundal Collier UK Setting Sail Towards Pivotal Studies
2020/08/17 Aktiespararna SWE Analysis Saniona: "Revaluation pending FDA"