Shareholder Meetings

The annual general meeting is the chief decision-making body in Saniona where all shareholders can take part. The annual general meeting reviews the development of the company and resolutions are made on a number of important issues such as dividends, remuneration to the Board of Directors, changes in the articles of association, appointment of Auditors, the discharge of the Board of Directors and decisions on the appointment of the Board of Directors until the next annual general meeting. Notice of the annual general meeting will be published not earlier than six and not later than four weeks before the meeting.

A shareholder wishing to have a matter brought before the annual general meeting can send a written request to:

Saniona AB (publ)
Att: Chairman of the board
Smedeland 26B
DK-2600 Glostrup

The request must reach the Board of Directors at least seven weeks prior to the meeting or in good time that the item, if necessary, can be included in the notice to attend the meeting.