SAN711 for the treatment of rare neuropathic disorders

SAN711 is a first-in-class molecule with a unique profile which acts on the receptors for GABA, the main inhibitory signaling mediator in the nervous system. It is specifically designed to normalize aberrant activity associated with rare neuropathic pain disorders such as Burning Mouth Syndrome or rare intractable neuropathic itch conditions such prurigo nodularis and brachioradial pruritus; all rare conditions where no efficient treatment exists today resulting in poor quality of life for the affected patients. SAN711 is a new chemical entity covered by a recently filed patent application which may provide composition-of-matter protection until 2038.

SAN711 works selective on receptors containing the GABAA α3 proteins without acting on the other main GABAA receptors, making it the first molecule with this unique profile. This implies that SAN711 may regulate the body's own pain and itch regulating system in the spinal cord without causing side effects. This concept has been supported by preclinical studies with the compound.