The Treatment Research Center (TRC), University of Pennsylvania – treatment of cocaine addiction

The Treatment Research Center (“TRC”) is a clinical outpatient treatment center that is part of the PENN/VA Center for the Studies of Addiction (CSA). TRC has a modern treatment facility with a fully certified clinical laboratory and a state of the art data management unit. The Investigators have been leaders in addiction pharmacotherapy research for over 35 years and highly experienced clinicians and research associates staff the center. TRC has an active recruitment process and network in place for cocaine addiction. The center screens about 250 cocaine dependent patients per year of which about 100 cocaine dependent patients are randomized into research protocols. TRC offers a comprehensive biopsychosocial evaluation in relation to clinical programs comprising a physical exam and ECG, an outpatient medical detoxification stabilization unit, and daily individual and group therapy sessions that are made available to patients eligible for one of the treatment-research studies.

In June 2015 Saniona granted TRC rights to perform a Phase 2 trial for its compound NS2359. TRC has applied for public funding and grants in order to finance the clinical development. A clinical proof-of-concept study with NS2359 for treatment of cocaine addiction is currently ongoing and is supported by grants from the Dana Foundation and the Groff Foundation.

Saniona retains all commercial rights to NS2359.