Cadent Therapeutics - treatment of essential tremor and spinocerebellar ataxia


Cadent Therapeutics is a precision neuroscience company developing novel medicines that tune and modulate brain rhythms to restore motor and cognitive function in patients with serious neurological disease. The company leverages its unique precision neuroscience approach combining target specificity, patient selection, drug design and optimization, and novel quantitative endpoints to create first-in-class molecules to treat movement and cognitive disorders. Currently in early clinical development, Cadent Therapeutics is rapidly advancing its pipeline of therapies to treat spinocerebellar ataxia, essential tremor and schizophrenia. Investors include Atlas Venture, Clal Biotechnology Industries, Slater Technology Fund and Novartis.

In addition to ownership in the merged Cadent Therapeutics, Saniona is also eligible to receive royalties on any potential products developed and commercialized from the collaboration program.