Strategy and Business model

Saniona has a broad product pipeline, which is developed both internally and in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies.

We are developing products internally with the aim of attaining market approval ourselves in the U.S. and Europe for certain orphan indications where the required investments are limited, and the commercial opportunities can be highly attractive. For example, Saniona is currently developing Tesomet for Prader-Willi syndrome and Hypothalamic Obesity in the U.S. and Europe. The required investments for developing Tesomet in these indications are comparatively small, while the required commercial infrastructure for servicing these patients in the U.S. and Europe is manageable.

In addition to this, Saniona has entered into and will engage in research collaborations with pharmaceutical companies or is developing products internally with the aim of entering into a collaboration with a pharmaceutical company at a later stage. The structure of Saniona’s collaboration agreements depends on the product, the indication, the investment and the risk, as well as the interest and capabilities of Saniona’s partners. Saniona can either grant its partners commercial license to a limited territory or globally. In exchange, the partners typically finance future research and development activities and pay Saniona upfront payments, research funding, milestone payments and royalties on product sales when the product candidates are commercialized.