Executive Management

Jørgen Drejer, Ph.D., CEO and founder of Saniona

Education: PhD in neurobiology

Other assignments: Chairman of the Board of Delta Reader A/S. Member of the Board and CEO of Saniona A/S. Member of the Board of Directors of Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs ApS, Delta and Azign Bioscience A/S

Previous assignments: Executive Vice President, Research Director and co-founder of NeuroSearch A/S. Member of the Board of Directors of Atonomics A/S, NSGene A/S, Origio A/S, Poseidon Pharmaceuticals A/S, Zgene A/S and Aktieselskabet af 20. November 2003.

No. of shares: 2,344,711 (2,344,711) privately owned


Thomas Feldthus (M.Sc., MBA) vVD, CFO and co-founder

Education: M.Sc. in Engineering, M.Sc. in Management (MBA, Sloan Fellow)

Other assignments: CFO of Saniona A/S. CEO of Fertilizer Invest ApS.

Previous assignments: CFO and co-founder of Symphogen A/S.

No. of shares: 1,870,000 (1,870,000) privately owned and 17,500 (17,500) through relatives


Palle Christophersen, Ph.D., CSO and co-founder

Education: Ph.D. in physiology

Other assignments: CSO of Saniona A/S

Previous assignments: Vice President and member of the NeuroSearch A/S VP management group. Director of in Vitro Pharmacology, NeuroSearch A/S

No. of shares: 820,000 (820,000) privately owned