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15 Nov

Saniona's company presentation at Redeye Life Science Seminar in Stockholm

Link to interview: Redeye Life Science presentation

14 Nov

Saniona's company presentation at Stora Aktiedagen in Gothenburg

Link to interview: Stora Aktiedagen presentation

11 Oct

Interview with CEO Jørgen Drejer

Link to interview:

16 Mar

Interview with CFO Thomas Feldthus

Link to interview:



11 Nov 

Saniona’s company presentation at Öresundsdagen in Lund

Link to presentation:

8 Oct 

Sanionas company presentation at G&W:s Småbolagsfrukost in Stockholm

Link to presentation:

30 Sep 

Saniona’s company presentation at Aktiedag in Malmö 2015

Link to presentation:

28 Sep 

Saniona’s company presentation at Aktiedag in Gothenburg 2015

Link to presentation:

8 June 

Saniona’s presentation at Småbolagsdagen in Stockholm 2015

Link to presentation:

5 May 

Saniona's presentation at Sedermeradagen in Gothenburg
Link to presentation:

11 Mar 

Sanionas presentation at AktieTorgets Life Science-dag in Gothenburg
Link to presentation:

30 Jan 




VD interview with Jørgen Drejer
Redeye has interviewed Sanionas CEO about why they are in the middle of raising capital and, among other things, what their plans are regarding their drug candidate AN363 for treatment of neuropathic pain.

Link to interview:

27 Jan 



CFO Interview with Thomas Feldthus
In an interview with Aktiespararna explains CFO Thomas Feldthus about the background for the right issue in February 2015
Link to interview:

27 Jan 



Company presentation in Lund, Sweden
See the presentation on web-TV at Aktiespararna’s homepage:

22 Jan 



Saniona video presentation
Saniona publish video about the company and its facility in Denmark (Swedish language only)
Link to Video:



19 Nov 



Saniona’s CEO, Jørgen Drejer, provides further details about tesofensine in a company presentation at Sedermeradagen in Stockholm on November 13, 2014.

Link to presentation:

31 Oct 




Sanionas CEO, Jørgen Drejer, provides in an interview by Redeye further details about the acquisition of the clinical development compound, tesofensine, for obesity. The Interview was published at on October 31.

Link to interview:

22 Sep 

Öresund Investment Day (PDF). The presentation can be seen here (LINK)

09 juni 

Saniona Småbolagsdagen. (PDF)

04 maj 

Företagspresentation (PDF)